10 ways to tackle your recruitment challenges

10 ways to tackle your recruitment challenges

According to the ESRI forecasting, “unemployment […] is expected to decline to 5.4 per cent in 2018 and 4.5 per cent in 2019” in Ireland. Although it is yet to be established “when the economy is likely to encounter capacity constraints”, many sectors in Ireland already see the process of recruiting or keeping staff as a challenge.

If your company is already feeling the pressure, there are a few things that your Human Resources can do to alleviate your recruitment challenges and make sure your operations don’t get a hit.

  1. Communicate with your staff

If you are already struggling to recruit, the last thing you want to do is to have to wave goodbye to your best staff. Dissatisfaction can take many forms and you need to assess whether there is a feeling of dissatisfaction or additional pressure put on your team that is directly related to staff shortage. Don’t be afraid to communicate about the fact that you are actively recruiting and explain how you hope this is a temporary situation.

  1. Keep your staff loyal

There are many ways to retain your best staff, and they don’t always have to relate to money. Of course, this is a big one but don’t discount other variables such as offering flexible hours, partial remote working, additional company benefits or simply the pleasure of working for you! Company culture and having good relationship with management play a big role in retaining or hiring staff so try to see if anything can be done there.

  1. Polish your image as Employer

Familiar with the Great Place to Work listing? Well, do you know that the companies that get into their rating are not just big multinational players? In fact, they have published 3 lists this year, including the Best Small Workplaces, which are made up using confidential employees input. If you are seen as a great employer, you are likely to attract more job applicants.

  1. Use your network

Recruiting is a positive news that you should share with the world. It might not make headlines, but you should start by telling your staff and your contacts and ask them to share the info with their own network. Don’t also discount getting in touch with past employees. Of course, you only want to approach staff you reluctantly had to see go. Never know, they might not be that happy in their new job and if that’s the case, they might be willing to share the news or discuss applying.

  1. Advertise

The traditional methods of getting staff, such as newspaper advertising or on job sites, can’t be discounted and tend to remain the first action taken by HR. However, you have more options that won’t break the bank, google ads or social media, including Linkedin. Of course, you need to have some online presence already.

  1. Advertise again

Another way to advertise is by using your website. Do you have a job or recruitment section? If not, now is the time to create one, especially if your website gets a lot of traffic. It is also very positive for your clients to see that your company is growing, which can comfort them in their choice of using your services or purchasing your products.

  1. Review your expectations

If you have been looking hard for some time and haven’t had much or no response at all, it might be necessary to review your criteria. Is the job description realistic? Are you asking for a perfect candidate rather than someone who can simply do the job? Are you offering enough for the level of experience you are asking for? Feedback is important, try to get some from candidates/people in your industry.

  1. Go on a headhunt search

Surely, you must know what the profile of your ideal candidate is, what qualifications or years of experience you require. Based on these criteria, search for potential candidates in your area and approach them. Simply ask them if they are considering changing job and share your job description. If the answer is negative, ask them to share with people they know that could fit the profile.

  1. Liaise with recruitment agencies

There are many advantages in engaging with recruitment agencies, including widening your network, increasing your chances to find the right candidate faster… Of course, there is a recruitment cost associated to the service but this might be balanced with the gain in time or efficiency in the recruitment process. If you are struggling, why not simply try out this option?

  1. Widen your horizons and look abroad

It was recently announced that businesses in hospitality and animation sectors will now be able to recruit more easily from non EEA countries (see article). Whether or not this decision makes a difference to you, another option is to look for candidates in Europe where there is no restriction for people to relocate for work. And if you don’t know where to start, there are companies specialising in making this process as smooth as possible.

Solving your recruitment challenges will require some time, but try the above or a combination of the above and there is no doubt you will see progress. For the most efficient way to hire fast, bank on option 10 with Pan Resource – give us a call to know more!

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