Consider having aspects of your business taken
care of by a dedicated team, remotely

Pan Resource will make staff outsourcing work for you

What we do

Are administrative tasks a big part of your business? Are they taking up a lot of time and resources?
Outsourcing may be right for you.
Since 2014, Pan Resource provide financial, administrative and data entry services to
companies looking to gain in efficiency and resources. Located in the heart of the sunny town of Burgas,
Bulgaria, our team works as an extension of your internal team.

What's good about outsourcing with Pan Resource?

Free Up Your Internal Staff To Work On More Business Priority Projects

Prioritize Tasks That Could Generate More Revenue

Gain Efficiency For Time-Consuming Tasks

Reduce And Control Operating Costs

Access A Remote Specialised Team Fora Fraction Of Your Current Costs

With offices in both Ireland and Bulgaria,
we can easily meet with you and help you take a new perspective
on how your business could benefit from outsourcing.


”Our business is very much finance and administration heavy, and quick turnaround is required to keep our customers happy. By outsourcing parts of our process with Pan Resource, we were quickly able to gain in responsiveness and efficiency, and allowing us to satisfy an increased number of clients”

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32 “Hristo Botev” Street,
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria


Email :
Phone: +359 879 142 727



1 “Pop Bogomil” Street, fl. 6
Sofia Center 1202, Bulgaria


Email :
Phone: +359 877 946 560



Enterprise House, O’Brien Road,
Carlow, Ireland


Email :
Phone: +359 879 142 727