10 ways to tackle your recruitment challenges

10 ways to tackle your recruitment challenges

According to the ESRI forecasting, “unemployment […] is expected to decline to 5.4 per cent in 2018 and 4.5 per cent in 2019” in Ireland. Although it is yet to be established “when the economy is likely to encounter capacity constraints”, many sectors in Ireland already see the process of recruiting or keeping staff as […]

Relocating for work abroad - why not

Relocating for work abroad – why not?

Some say that getting a new job is like diving in a sea full of opportunities. But what if that adventure requires you to relocate in another country? Would you accept the challenge of relocating for work abroad or would the risk of jumping in at the deep end prove too much? We understand that […]

How to get hired and thrive in the job

If you are on the job market, or simply looking for your first job after graduation, the prospects of getting hired may seem to you both exciting and daunting. To find the dream job, you need to stand out from the other job applicants and convince the employer that you will thrive in the job. […]

10 причини да посетите Ирландия

10 reasons why you should visit Ireland

’Ireland is such an amazing country, and I have this little dream in the back of my head that someday I’ll end up living there.’’ Anne Hathaway The Hollywood actress, Anne Hathaway, surely dreams big. And yet, there must be a reason for her profound affection for the Emerald Isle and her sacred wish to […]