How to get hired and thrive in the job

If you are on the job market, or simply looking for your first job after graduation, the prospects of getting hired may seem to you both exciting and daunting. To find the dream job, you need to stand out from the other job applicants and convince the employer that you will thrive in the job. We have gathered some tips on how to prepare yourself for that.

Be clear on what you are looking for

Have you taken the time to decide what type of job you are seeking? Do you have the skills for it? Because applying for every job vacancy you find isn’t the greatest idea. To stand a better chance of being invited for an in person interview and ideally get hired, you should focus your search on jobs that you are qualified for. Another important thing to do is assess what type of company you’d like to work for. So, why don’t you start off the application process by listing what the perfect company is to you, the type of work environment you thrive in and the companies that inspire you? This is very important because getting hired by a company you like and enjoy working in will increase your chances at thriving in your job!

Be positive

While you wait to hear back from an employer, you should keep applying for jobs. Keep your eyes open for other potential opportunities as they come available. If a rejection comes along, remember that it is a lesson learnt so take the opportunity to ask the recruiter for feedback, build on that for the next time and keep applying until you get the right offer.

Build a winner CV

Recruiters are not interested in skills irrelevant to the job specification. That’s why in order to be picked up, ensure your CV is focused on that particular job. Link your skills and experience that cater to the desired position and leave out things that have very little to do with it. And remember, keep the information you put on your resume recent and simple. The past three jobs are sufficient to offer a clear view into your employment history. Worried about the gaps between jobs? The good news is that employers will be interested to hear what you were doing and how you were developing your skills while you were unemployed. And yes, being a stay-at-home parent has surely taught you something, so bring it on!

Rock the in-person interview

Interview etiquette does exist and it is not difficult to embrace at all! In our previous blog article, Interview Etiquette, we have listed 10 rules to follow for a great in-person interview. In brief, we believe it’s important to dress properly, arrive on time and brush up on your body language. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that you have around 30 minutes not only to impress the recruiter, but also to stand out from the remaining applicants. How to do that? Just be yourself.

Congratulations, you are hired!

We knew you can make it! Congratulations, you have just stepped onto your path to career success! Now that you have accepted the job offer, you need to prove that your new employer made the right choice by hiring you. Not sure how? Here are some ideas.

Be motivated

Don’t forget that your main job is to make your boss successful. That means you need to understand the company values, the corporate objectives and of course what matters to your colleagues and employer. Observe, ask questions, enquire and offer your skills for the greater good. Surely, that will pay off in due course.

Work in style

Your looks matter as much as your behaviour. Dress accordingly, learn the work ethics and build your reputation with discipline and integrity. Be approachable and take the time to know your colleagues. Patiently accept unwanted tasks and learn how to manage your emotions. You will come across numerous setbacks at work so learn how to handle them.

Welcome negative feedback

Without exception, everyone makes mistakes. Been there, done that! So how you go about that will either help you show ownership or ruin your chances of being responsible. Preferably, accept negative feedback with ease, enhance your skills, work on your competence and show commitment. This way you will avoid future failures.

Learner for life

Getting hired should not be the end of your personal development – right the opposite! Stay current with trends in your field, expand your knowledge and reveal your full potential. Be open to new learning opportunities, get involved in cross-department projects and share your expertise. Who knows where your talent will take you?

Getting hired is the first step. But by using your personality, skills and talents we are sure you will thrive in your job and will reach the top of the career ladder. Good luck!

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