Interview Etiquette: 10 rules to follow for a great in-person interview

Съвети за успех за интервю за работа

A new job is said to be one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. So it’s time you start planning your career move! That of course includes rocking the job interview and landing your dream job.

And as much as you think that’s an easy one, you still stress around how to dress for the interview, how to impress the interviewers, what questions to ask and of course – the mighty handshake! Stress no more, we have got all of that covered and a great deal of extra tips for you to master the interview etiquette!

1. Practice makes perfect

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the successful candidate of them all?’

One thing you can expect during the in-person interview is to answer some of the classics: ‘’What do you know about the company?’’, ‘’Why did you apply for this job?’’, ‘’Are you flexible with the working hours?’’ and etc.

Our advice is to prepare insightful answers to these questions and rehearse. As you have probably seen in many movies, important personas stand in front of a mirror and practice their speech before delivering it. And so should you! Say out loud the answers you have prepared in front of a mirror and start building up your confidence.

2. Dress to impress

Dig out that amazing suit gathering dust in the back of your closet! Ladies, it’s time you sport those favourite stilettos of yours! Remember, you are just one interview away from landing your dream job and relocating to Ireland. Make it count!

Clearly, we are not talking about ball gowns and tuxedos but it is worth going through your wardrobe to find something relevant to corporate outfits. A mid-length skirt, a blouse and a fitted jacket will do just fine for the ladies. Gents, if you think suit is definite no-no, put on a smart trousers, a shirt and a pair of formal shoes. Surely, you can’t go wrong with that!

3. Early is better than ever

Rushing to get to the job interview on time can be stressful. To avoid that ensure you know the address of the interview location and check out the logistics: how you are getting there and how long it will take you. Also, a few extra minutes may give you a chance to freshen up in the restroom and re-do this messy bun of yours!

4. Mind the distractions

Do you want to be distracted by your friend’s latest Facebook post during your job interview? And what about the Weather App notification for the upcoming weekend? And let’s not forget your daily reminder to take your vitamins.

Realistically, the last thing you need during an interview is distractions and believe it or not, mobile phones tend to cause such. If you don’t want to leave your mobile in the car, turn it off or switch it to an airplane mode. This way, you will keep the distractions away!

5. Shake it off

‘The Bone Crusher’ type of handshake is not recommended, nor is a ‘fingers-only’ one. Remember, the idea is to impress, not the other way round.

The proper way to greet your interviewer is to shake using your entire hand, while rolling the index finger around the bottom of the other person’s hand. And don’t forget to keep eye contact. Pre-interview practice with a friend works like magic!

6. Let your body do the talking

Body language is a crucial detail of proper interview etiquette and is seemed as a non-verbal way to communicate. So, if you want to show that you are listening intently, with an interest, sit up straight and lean slightly forward. And unless you want to look nervous, stop twirling your hair. Likewise, crossing your arms and legs won’t do you a favour, either!

7. Speak with your eyes

According to communication experts, people who avoid eye contact tend to be less trustworthy. Same applies in a job interview environment.

Remember, it is your time to shine and you need to present yourself in the best possible light: confident, approachable and trustworthy. How to do that? Keep an eye contact with the interviewers and of course, don’t forget to smile! A smile conveys that you are someone who can get along with colleagues and clients.

8. Listen and speak, not the other way round

A job interview is not an interrogation, it is a conversation, hence the basic conversation rules of listening and speaking apply. Try not to step on the last words of the interviewers and talk over them. First, let the interviewer finish the sentence, pause for a second or two, and then respond or add to the question.

9. Let the interviewer run the show

The recruiter should set the pace of the interview, even when you feel the urge to keep moving towards the next questions. Our advice is to resist this or you may end up rambling and over explaining things. Rather than talking too much to avoid periods of silence, relax – you are well prepared for the interview and have nothing to worry about.

10. Always be truthful

The best way to show yourself is by telling the truth, and only the truth! Recruiters don’t expect you to know it all, but to show the proper attitude when you don’t know the answer. If you are asked a tricky question, simply answer that you don’t know and show you are willing to learn. Remember, people will always find out if you lie.

We hope we have helped you acquire the proper interview etiquette but it’d be great to hear from you if we missed out something! Do you have any interview tips to share? Drop us a line at the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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