Relocating for work abroad – why not?

Relocating for work abroad - why not

Some say that getting a new job is like diving in a sea full of opportunities. But what if that adventure requires you to relocate in another country? Would you accept the challenge of relocating for work abroad or would the risk of jumping in at the deep end prove too much?

We understand that making such a decision can be stressful so here we come to your aid with some thoughts on why you should consider relocating for work abroad!

A sea of change

Even though moving to a new country can be unsettling and frustrating at first, the comfort of knowing you have a secure job and lots to discover will help you settle into the new environment and will assist with the transition. Getting to know the area, exploring its best-hidden secret spots, experiencing the local culture and making plans on where to spend your free weekends are just few aspects of the excitement the work relocation brings. It might even feel like being on a working holidays!

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Thrive in the unknown

Have you exhausted all of your lunch options in town? How about all these too familiar faces you see at networking events? Let’s not even mention the occupational burnout you are suffering from. Don’t worry, outgrowing your current city has become a common trend as it is so easy to fall into this uninspiring and unproductive routine.

On the other hand, moving abroad can offer your personal and professional life a great boost: different surroundings, new colleagues, exciting opportunities and a great deal of new lunch options!

Embrace the difference

Relocating to a country where the work ethics differ can be an insightful experience. You may learn some essential work practices or re-adjust your established ones and apply them at your current job or upon your next career move. In fact, did you know that in Ireland, you haven’t sufficiently said goodbye to someone on the phone until you have said ‘bye’ at least seven times. So, how is that for your extra sophisticated telephone manner?

Talent knows no boundaries

 If your current job does not let you reveal your talent, it also does not allow you to advance your career. And even if you initially thought this was your dream job, it may soon become your biggest nightmare.

To get out of this trap, when considering a career move abroad find out more about the country and the city itself. Is your career field represented there? What about networking with like-minded people from your preferred industry? What is the standard and quality of life there?

Boost your professional curriculum

As when changing employer, changing country can be a boost to your professional profile and will tell a lot about you. Not only you may learn new skills or ways of doing things, or get to share your own experience, but you will certainly also need to demonstrate how adaptable you can be. And this is like gold on a CV. Your employer (or subsequent one) will definitely appreciate it!

And remember, relocating for work doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment and may advance your career faster than if you had stayed in your home country.

A family opportunity

Relocating for work may look like an impossible mission when you have a family. It does certainly require additional thinking and strong organisation. But there is a lot to gain as a family too! Consider perhaps the better healthcare system, or the educational benefits of learning a new language, discovering a new culture, a new landscape… Don’t dismiss also the long-term benefit of knowing how to adapt, which will shape your children’s minds and help them handle any situation in the future!

When asking yourself all these questions, you need to decide for yourself if you are ready to take the risk and start this new chapter in your life. So remember that the world is big and career opportunities lurk around the corner! Just go out there, explore and dare to find yours!

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