Who’s for Dinner? Serving up the famous at posh Irish places.

Working in a hotel in Ireland, there is a good chance you will be serving some of the world’s most famous people, as our elite hotels are recognised as amongst the best luxury hotels in the world. „Prove it“ I hear you say?

Ok then, let’s look at the who’s who!

Kim and Kanye

Start at the top, they say, and you cannot start higher than the biggest social media/music power couple that is Kim Kardashian and wannabe president of the US, Kanye West. Much to our surprise too, it must be told, Kim and Kanye honeymooned on a whirlwind tour of Ireland’s top – but apparently Kim’s parents married in Ireland too, so I imagine there must have been some happy childhood stories.

Top place they stayed? Ballyfin Demense in Laois, which is 2016’s Best Hotel in the World. Not sure what to do after work? Do whatKanye and Kim did and visit one of the two local cinemas! Now that’s honeymooning on the edge!

Donald Trump

So, you like the idea of working in a hotel in Ireland serving some of the biggest names in the world? Well how about working for THE biggest name in the world. While Kanye wants to be President, the current President of the US, Donald Trump is a frequent and long-time visitor to Irelands wild Atlantic coast. So much so that he bought his own hotel and golf course. If your idea of heaven is a brisk beach walk before work, this is for you, just check out the seascapes in the hotels gallery.

James Bond

So, if there is one person who knows a thing or two about luxury hotels, it’s James Bond! So much so that James Bond actor and the embodiment of suave, Pierce Brosnan got married in the luxury Ashford Castle – which makes it the coolest hotel in the world. So, what’s it like brushing shoulders with the rich and famous on their Wedding day? Well my father, who worked as a chauffeur, drove Pierce Brosnan around for the whole of his wedding week in Ashford said he was so much fun and that’s word enough for me.

The Beckhams

If you are old enough to wonder who Kardashians are, well they are this generations most famous couple in the same way that the Beckhams were at the turn of the century. The world pretty much stopped for their wedding at Luttrellstown castle in 1999 and the wedding photos have become iconic. Of course, to work in a hotel with something like this going on, you will be sworn to secrecy. Can you handle a secret? Keep your secrets now and you could have great stories to tell your family in years to come, just like we have in our family.

Working in Hotels in Ireland

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